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As Women in Business we know what a challenge everyday can be to provide the services and/or products of your business that you are amazing at providing and are known for. And then growing and driving your business and constantly pushing its boundaries. But not only that, we at Peacock Branding | Sydney’s Couture Branding Events know to well that we also have to deal with all our other life commitments such as motherhood, being a supportive partner or wife, sister, daughter, niece and friend. So where do we find time to address the biggest and probably most important challenge of looking and feeling amazing and standing out for being the incredible person that you are and making your own mark on life. Read more.

Melanie Lee - Peacock Branding Co-Frounder & Chief Stylist

Hi I’m Melly and I’m extremely proud to be the Co-Founder + Chief Stylist of Peacock Branding – Sydney’s Couture Branding Events.  It has been my passion to motivate, mentor and nurture like-minded women to be the very best that they can since my early teens.

I was the girl that was extremely proud to have the friends that I did at school (and of course continuing through my life) and was always there for them almost like a fan but also to help them out wherever I could.  I was known as the mother of my group of friends and funnily enough the girls would book me at lunch time for a session in the park to discuss life as a teen and their worries including boys, teachers, parents, exams, other friends etc etc.  After school of course I went into studying nursing followed by occupational therapy but always held a very creative side and loved to use it where ever I could.  I then over the years studied makeup artistry and beauty and styling and started my own business Beauty by MellyAngel whilst still working full time in corporate health.

When I met Becca she was one of those few people that immediately you just click with and I think we understood each other and our passions to make our businesses thrive and succeed.  It was like we had known each other for years.  So with her extensive knowledge and experience with content and video and her love for all things stylish and beautiful and my knowledge and experience of piecing all things stylish and beautiful and my drive to understand content and the use of video along with of course absolute need to help like-minded women in business Peacock Branding – Sydney’s Couture Branding Events was born and we haven’t looked back.

It’s been an amazing journey so far with so many wonderful experiences and support from people we only dreamed of.  I cannot wait to share with you the culture of style, confidence and glamour we want to grow within women in business in Australia.

Rebecca Saunders - Peacock Branding Co-Founder & Video Content Expert

Hello I’m Becca! I’m very excited to bring to you our collaboration – Peacock Branding as its Co-Founder and Video Content Expert.  I am known as the woman behind boutique content agency The Delicatessen and budget professional video brand The Man That Can.

Since leaving my London publishing roots, I quickly identified a content marketing niche in the market and now head up the content departments of two nation-wide video production focused businesses that ensure every content strategy has the necessary engaging video content to fulfill it.

As an experienced, innovative and passionate creative with editorial experience in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industry across online and offline mediums; and video production experience in the beauty, lifestyle, corporate and event industries; my specialties include: branded content creative, social media strategy, editorial, copywriting, sub-editing, editing, DM, EDM, social media content, social media strategy, brief fulfillment, website content, press releases, look books, event video, branded content, corporate video.


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